H is for Hospital

Off to the hospital this morning. Back home this is something I don’t really enjoy so in a foreign country this is something I REALLY do not want to be doing. Recently, I’ve been feeling a little lethargic and breathless and my hair is still falling out like crazy. Although it's nothing to be too concerned … Continue reading H is for Hospital


“Midnight in Moscow”

On the 29th of December 2018 I woke up at 5am to catch a taxi into Hanoi to the airport, the ride would take me about an hour and a half. Bundled up in anticipation of the cold I was sure to be experiencing the minute I touched down in Moscow, Russia I arrived at … Continue reading “Midnight in Moscow”

Hoi An

I have been on a bunch of really amazing mini vacations in the last couple of months but I have to start by talking about Hoi An. This is probably one of my favourite places in the world and its so awesome that I can head there just for the weekend whenever I feel like … Continue reading Hoi An